A cup with
David Portier Ballboy manager

David manages the ball boys and girls, a team of more than three hundred people who meet every year in Paris during the three weeks of Roland Garros.

“I’ve been doing this job since 2003 […] it’s a feast of tennis, a pleasure to be here,” he recounts in front of an Iced Cappuccino, given the heat of recent days. Most of them are youngsters aged between twelve and sixteen and they come from schools all over the country.
To earn three weeks with us, here at Roland-Garros, all candidates must prove that are self-reliant, demonstrating a good record in school and on the court. David describes how his job consists in managing this enormous team, including those responsible for the grounds and the individual group supervisors.

The machine doesn’t stop even when it rains and, often, the hard work is rewarded in an unexpected manner: “Two years ago, there was a short interruption due to bad weather. Novak Djokovic invited one of our ball boys to sit next to him. It was a lovely moment, they drank a toast together and the public played along, fantastic! Great publicity for the tournament and for our work.”