A cup with
Imogen Davis Hawk Handler

Imogen comes from a family of falconers and, although very young, has been doing this job forever. She has been serving Wimbledon for ten years accompanied by Rufus, her Harris falcon. “He scares the pigeons without attacking them,” recounts Imogen in front of a Lavazza Nitro Cold Brew. “The pigeons love grass seeds, but they obviously don’t know when a tennis match is being played.”
With a wing span of more than a metre, Rufus rules the area around the stadium, acting as a deterrent for all local birdlife. He is not always easy to handle, being a wild animal, particularly when he flies away because he is full: “Once I sat on Centre Court and waited 24 hours for him to come back.”

A job that is difficult, but able to create a winning partnership and make Wimbledon the world’s oldest tournament with a double ‘hawkeye’.