A cup with
Bruno Slastan Red clay manager

Bruno is the Red Clay Manager, in charge of maintaining all the courts at Roland-Garros.

He tells us about his working day over a cappuccino. At 6 a.m. he is already on site, uncovering the courts after the night and preparing them for training at 8 a.m. After matches he needs to restore them. This takes up much of the day, sometimes keeping him at work until 9 p.m.
In fact, the playing surface is much more complex than we might think. “It is made up of a normal initial layer, followed by stones and a drainage network, a level of waste, white limestone and, lastly, a layer of crushed bricks.”

Bruno is keen to specify that there are no first-class and second-class courts. Every court is prepared with the same care and attention. He goes on to explain: “The centre court requires the most work because of its size, but those who work on it can enjoy the best matches.” It is a job that requires patience and dedication, but it is also very satisfying thanks to the unique atmosphere that permeates the tournament, where the staff can meet the great champions of the present and past.