Tennis Tips:

Toni Nadal and Carlos Moyá talk about the forehand, the basic tennis stroke, together with the backhand, service and volley. Chatting over a coffee, they talk, without too many technical terms, about the basics of this stroke which is seemingly simple, but which requires balance, as Carlos explains: “You have to gain momentum from behind, paying attention both to body and racket balance.”
The grip also plays a role that shouldn’t be underestimated, and has changed radically over the years: “More classic at the beginning, it has altered so that the racket can be more downward-facing,” Toni reminds us.
Finally, the way the player stands, from the more closed stand (where the feet are at right angles to the baseline), to the open one, preferred by Carlos, but hard to do, “because it requires more technique.”
The informal and relaxed mood flowing between Toni and Carlos reminds us how tennis is far more than a sporting discipline for them, it is a true passion; a ritual to be celebrated and a pleasure to be shared, just like a good coffee!