Tennis Tips:
The Backhand

The backhand has changed over the years: there's been a gradual move from the classic one-handed grip to the two-handed one.
First of all it's a matter of compensation, explains Carlos Moyá, “we have less strength on the backhand side because the rear part of the body is more involved. So the other hand becomes a great help in terms of drive and balance and lets us manage the ball's bounce better”.
“It's always a question of power and control” adds Toni Nadal, “this is the only way we can follow through, so that the ball strikes the centre of the racket”.
The last aspect to consider is body position, continues Toni “you have to bring the weight of your legs forward and try to get a flowing movement”.
So you get the perfect backhand by being able to control your own body, distributing strength and momentum evenly.